My name is Nguen Thi Tu

I’m 47 years old. I’m single.
I have one son who is 26 and two grandchildren
I joined the group 1996. I’m the chair woman of the group and the cooperative. I’m also in charge of the quality control and orders hadling.
My favourite colour is green.
My favourite food is tofu with tomato.
I dream about travelling abroad to gain more experiences. I would also like to have a big house and a comformatable life.

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My name is Le Thi Tra

I’m 45 years old. My family didn’t accept my partner so I never got married.
I have one daughter, she is 20, her name is Tra.
I have been in the group since 1996. I’m the accountant and a BOM member.
My favourite colours are white and pink.
My favourite food is fish.
I dream about good health. I also hope that my daughter will have good success with work and happy family one day.

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My name is Nguyen Thi Hanh

I’m 47. I’m a widow.
I have one son, Nhuong, he is 25 years old.
I have been in the group since the beggenning, 1996. I’m the Vice Chair Woman of our cooperative and the cashier. I’m also the leader of my village group.
My favourite colour is lilac.
My favourite food are fruits and vegetables.
I dream about my son having a successfull life. I also hope that the living conditions in the households and in the community will continue developing.

I hope we can sell more sleeping bags so we can develop the business and our living conditions further!

I’m Ms. Van

I’m a farmer and a hard ware shop owner, 50 years old, divorced 1984.
I have a son Hop, born 1982
I have been in the group since 1996. I’m the leader of my village group in Ve Son Dong.
I’m doing cutting and quality check for the sleeping bags.
My favourite colour is green.
My favourite food is morning glory and tofu.
I dream about travelling around Vietnam and the world. I would like to teach other women how to make their lifes better.
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I’m Ms. Hoang Thi Dau

I’m 53, single
I have thee children: sons 23 & 27 yrs, daughter 30
I have been in the group since 1996. I’m sewing the sleeping bags, I’m also the village group leader in Tan Minh village.
My favourite colour is light green
My favourite food is noodles with crab meat
I dream about visiting Finland one day, I’m also hoping to get more sewing work.

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My name is Nguyen Thi Tiep

I’m 46 years old and single
I have a daughter who is 25 years old. She is married.
I have beeen in the group since 1996. I’m a member of the BOM, leader of the sewer group and a sewer myself.
My favourite colours are blue & white.
My favourite food is chicken & fish
I dream about having a comformatable and happy life like ordinary people.

I hope the Vietnamese women would get more support.

My name is Tran Thi Hoa

I’m 42 years old. I got married in 1988, my husband died in 1994.
I have two sons: 20 year old is studying at the university and 17 year old is at highschool.
I have been in the group since 1996. Since 2000 I have been the leader of my village group. I’m responsible for the sleeping bags quality control.
My favourite food is Fried rice with chicken and prawns.
I dream about my sons graduating from the university and finding proper jobs.

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