Production process

Soundly Sleeping Dragon sleeping bags are made of 100 % silk.

Tan Minh women buy the silk form a supplier, they are not making it by themselves.
The chemicals used in the dying process fulfill the European Union requirements.
When the silk arrives at Tan Minh the cutting responsibles come to the meeting hall, where the silk is cut.

Each sleeping bag takes 5 meters of silk and 25 cm for the small bag.
After the silk is cut it is distributed to the sewing group by the Board Of Management members.

The sewing takes place in the sewers’ houses. Sewers work in pairs taking shifts on the machine.
When the bags are ready the BOM members check the quality of each one of them.

When the order is ready the sleeping bags are collected together for the shipment. 500 bags is the minimum size of a shipment. Shipment by sea to Finland takes 40 days. We prefer to use shipment by sea for environmental and economical reasons.

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